Behaviour Management

Kanexion provides a plethora of behaviour tools. From classroom removal to behavioural report management, our software provides you with effective systems to improve behaviour across your school.

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Parental/Student Access

A successful school is one where parental engagement is naturally embedded. Kanexion provides parents and students with access to their respective behaviour, attendance, punctuality and homework records.

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Homework Management

Staff can set, monitor and record homework quickly and effectively. The homework feeds in to student's homework calendars with downloadable content for mentors, parents and students to make use of.

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In-depth Analysis

Kanexion provides powerful analysis across all measures for staff and students. Staff and senior management will receive live updates to aid effective and decisive interventions.

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Over 20+ tailored features
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MIS Compaitable

Kanexion works with your current MIS, securely bringing your data to life. Pre-designed reports allow you to transfer your data at the click of a button.

Seating Plans

Allow your staff to create differentiated seating plans with a simple drag and drop facility. This transparent system will aid pastoral guidance and behaviour for learning during cover lessons.


Email Notifications

Live email notifications are configured to bring staff and parents important information and reminders throughout their working days.

Multi-platform Support

Kanexion is accessed via a web browser on any device. Allow your staff to work from home, use tablets when you are mobile in school and check updates on their phones.

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Product Overview

Kanexion is at the forefront of educational software. Available anytime, anywhere on any device. It provides links for all stakeholders: parents, pupils and staff. Oozing simplicity, from behaviour monitoring to homework management it effectively aids intervention, replacing and providing a culmination of previous school systems. Kanexion securely provides transparency at all levels yielding in-depth analysis of staff and student performance. Highly adaptable to all schools, Kanexion connects your employees to the information they need, increases efficiency and reduces workloads.

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Reports & Data

Kanexion provides baseline and target setting allowing staff to track performance on, above or below targets. We have developed a unique system that manages an education environment after levels. Parental reports can be generated at the click of a button, enveloping all behaviour, attendance and puncautlity data with academic overviews.

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Senior Management

Kanexion provides senior staff with the tools to track staff performance and analyse key trends across the school, focusing in on key groups, subject areas, times of day, terms and years. Staff appraisal and observation records are managed with security and ease overlaying staff academic and behavioral performance.

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More and more great features

We are constantly planning and adapting innovative features to enhance your experience.



Manage punctuality with ease and effectiveness. Staff can generate late marks at the click of a button, automatically calculating minutes late feeding school analysis and student records.


School Library

Manage your school library effectively, amalgamating all your school systems together and improving efficiency for staff. The library tools feed in to staff and student access creating book reminders.


Parent Messaging

Kanexion provides a private messaging and group messaging service for parents. The messaging service allows staff to contact parents with any concerns regarding specific students. It also allows parents to view teachers of their child and contact them regarding any issues.



Kanexion operates from UK servers, operated by DBS enhanced staff. We offer 99.7% up time with regular data backups and encrypted security protocols.

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